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Resistant Imaginations

Resistant Imaginations

A Conference in Critical Epistemology

University of Oregon, February 1-2, 2019


Friday, February 1st

9:30am-10am: Breakfast & Welcome

10am-12pm:   Ignorance, Intelligibility & Epistemic Injustice

“Affectively Ignorant” Taylor Rogers

“Time and Racism: On the Quotidian Racist Structuring of Temporality” Tal-hi Bitton

“Adjusting Down and Deference: Adjusting credibility excesses and reducing bootstrapping for the dispossessed” Lindsay Whittaker   

12pm-1:30pm:  Lunch

12:30pm:  White Gaze—Minds of Color: A collection of poems in Critical Epistemology and White Ignorance

Written and performed by Abram Fernandez


1:30pm-3:30pm:   Intersectional Imaginations of Resistance

“Re-Imagining Addiction: Reflections from a child of alcoholic parents” Emily Bingeman

“Swimming In Toxic Waters” Tempest Henning

“#BlackGirlMagic as Resistant Imaginary” Qrescent Mali Mason

4pm-5:30pm:  Keynote Address: “Horizontal Attention and the Resilient Imagination”

Gaile Pohlhaus, Jr., Associate Professor of Philosophy, Miami University


Saturday, February 2nd 

10am-12pm:  Rethinking History, Reimagining Violence 

“Doing Non-Histories with Non-Methods: On Decolonial Praxis and Non-Historical Histories” Amy Nigh

“Martial morality. Re-imagining violence with Fanon and Butler” Beata Stawarska

“Marginal resistances: reconstructing the social imaginary by remembering and rewriting collective memories of struggle” Rosa O’Connor Acevedo


1:30pm-3:30pm: Decolonizing Imagination                                  
“Decolonizing the Imagination: Art and Resistance in the Ongoing Refugee Crisis” Fulden İbrahimhakkıoğlu

“Native Dancing as Epistemological Resistance” Shay Welch

“‘To Make Myself Known’: Colonial Erasure and Hermeneutical Tragedy” Julio Covarrubias


4pm-5:30pm:  Keynote Address: “Imagining Otherwise: Hermeneutical Alienation and Resistant Imaginations”

José Medina, Walter Dill Scott Professor of Philosophy, Northwestern University

Conference OrganizerCamisha Russell

Program Committee:              

Nicolas Brooks     

Kit Connor    

Abram Fernandez     

Reese Haller

Rhiannon Lindgren     

Rosa O’Connor Acevedo     

Katie Temple